Other Indications For Use

UF-F1, UF-11 incision, crown eleongation, composite exposure, subgingival carie exposure
UF-L22 pupotomy, remove tissue tags, gigivectomy
UF-L34 hyperplastic tissue planning, frenectomy
UF-L35 gingival contouring, palatal stripping, crown lengthening
UF-SN62 spot fulguration, coagulation of pin point exposure
UF-C52 large area coagulation, desensitizing hypersensitive dentin, bleaching
UF-F13 per UF-F11, except specific to posterior access
UF-C15 interproximal coagulation
UF-F1, UF-F11 incision, operculectomy, uninterrupted tooth exposure, cyst enucleation
UF-L35 palatal stripping
UF-L45 large excisional biopsy, hyperplastic tissue reduction (planing)
UF-C51 1.5mm ball, coagulation
R-C54, R-C55 .025” ss wire, for incision with very pronounced concurrent hemostasis
UF-SN61 pin point fulguration, dessication of lesions in situ
UF-SN62 spot fulguration, effective near nutrient foramen on exposed bone
UF-C15 interproximal coagulation
UF-F1, UF-F11 incision
UF-F13 incision (posterior specific: reverse angle bend)
UF-F16, UF-F17 shallow troughing (right and left hooks, V groove)
UF-L19, UF-L29 troughing, fine planing gingiplasty (parallel and perpendicular, close, U groove)
UF-L32, UF-L33, UF-L34 create sulcus, planning, gingiplasty, biopsy (3,5mm, 5mm, 10mm loops)
UF-L35, UF-L36 pontic and sulcus sculpture, planning, gingiplasty (straight shaft oval loop)
UF-L37, UF-L42 as above, also palatal stripping (angled shaft)
UF-L26 gingiplasty, planning, donor graft harvesting (triangle loop)
UF-L31 gingiplasty, planning, donor graft harvesting (square loop)
UF-L22, UF-L23 troughing, planning, gingiplasty, tissue tags (parallel and perpendicular)
UF-C51, UF-C52 coagulation balls for forced coagulation
UF-C15, UF-C55 spot coagulation (UF-C15 is interproximal specific)
UF-SN61 fine fulguration, also suitable for fine, shallow V troughing
UF-SN62 fulguration
R-SN62 as above, but stainless steel suitable for fine, shallow V troughing
UF-F1, UF-F11 incision, gingivectomy, frenectomy
UF-L24, UF-L25 gingival curettage, gingivectomy, tissue tags
UF-L22, UF-L23 shallow gingival curettage
UF-L26, UF-L31 graft donor tissue harvesting
UF-C51 coagulation
UF-SN62 spot fulguration
UF-F1, UF-F11 incision
UF-L22 pulpotomy
UF-L35, UF-L34 hyperplastic tissue reduction
UF-C51 hemostasis and sterilization of endodontic canals, intracoronal bleaching
UF-C52 large area coagulation, accelerate bleaching procedures
UF-SN62 spot fulguration, pin point exposure coagulation

All electrodes have an industry standard 1/16″ (.063) shaft diameter with 17mm of contact area exposed for compatibility with most hand pieces such as: Ellman, Parkell, Summit Hill or Vetroson.

Complete view of all UltraFlexTM electrodes.