How does electrosurgery help in prosthodontics?

See “Impressions in Fixed Prosthodontics” by Dr. Martin F. Land for a short but informative treatment of electrosurgery in prosthodontics. Note that the MC6A is intended to effectively address the recession issue raised in the article.

First, electrosurgery may be used to eliminate cord packing entirely for crown preparation. There is a second minor benefit in that microscopically the tissue has a slightly grainy appearance compared to that of cord packing which is quite smooth and shiny which can fool digital optical data collection for CNC crown manufacture. Electrosurgery avoids this.

Second, edentulous tissue may be sculpted very readily in a manner far superior to laser, for example, the direct creation of sulcus for a bridge in a single pass with a suitable sized loop.

Third, electrosurgery provides the ability to expose implants with bleeding control as you go.

Fourth, electrosurgery is unsurpassed for aesthetic crown lengthening.