Gingival Troughing

These electrodes are made of fine .010” surgical tungsten wire for minimal tissue alteration. All electrodes have an industry standard 1/16″ (.063) shaft diameter with 17mm of contact area exposed for compatibility with most hand pieces such as: Ellman, Parkell, Summit Hill or Vetroson. They are also excellent for fine shaving and tissue tag removal. Those not specific to anterior access are suitable for both anterior and posterior, also, interproximal where access permits. NOTE: the UF-SN61 and R-SN62 stainless steel fulguration electrodes are also suitable for narrow, shallow troughing ( UF-SN61 is .5mm X 3mm and R-SN62 is 2mm X 6mm ). Deeper cuts with these electrodes may create some circatrix, however. The UF-SN61 fits easily interproximally. Due to the larger surface area, the UFSN61 and R-SN61 will enhance concurrent hemostasis, when required, in comparison to the loops.

Complete view of all UltraFlexTM electrodes.