MV 7AMV-7A Precision small animal veterinary electrosurgery features isolated output for safe concurrent use with physio-monitors. Specifically for laboratory animals, avians, exotic pets, And patients up to 10kg. Great for oral and dental care. Low voltage to eliminate charring, significantly reduces sparking. Affordable enough and easy enough to use for any practice as an adjunct to scalpel surgery or laser, or to pick up where laser leaves off. Although commonly known as “electro-cautery” in veterinary medicine, this instrument offers every veterinary practice much more than haemostatic control.

There are three ways to use the versatile MV-7A :

MV7AMonoMonopolar. Requires the dispersive pad to function. Limits use to small patients.


Bipolar. Vessel sealing, tubal electro-ligation, soft tissue coagulation in wet fields. Avoids injury to surrounding tissue. Does not require dispersive pad.


“Two-point excision” Ideal for male neutering, enhanced safety in thoracic and abdominal surgery, and effective for amputation and de-claw. Does not require the dispersive pad.


The MV-7A provides 50 watts @ 3.0mHz in SURGE function with a crest factor of 1.9 for rapid healing with minimal cicatrix formation. The 25 watts available in COAG with a crest factor of 2.6 offers effective haemostasis. Each unit is tested to stringent international operating room standards: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, and IEC 60601-2-2. CSA listed with C/US mark.


Comes with 2 Year warranty (exclusive of accessories), Owner’s Manual, autoclavable hand piece, autoclavable dispersive cable, unique “Flexi-plate” dispersive pad, and eight autoclavable electrode tips to cover a wide variety of surgical indications.

Bipolar cable and choice of forceps are extra cost options, as well as a wide variety of electrode tips. A fulguration adaptor is also available.