Veterinary Physicians demand the best equipment available for treating their patients because they care. For your practice, please consider . . . . .

  • General purpose for all veterinary surgical needs, large and small
  • General surgery – emergency care – neuter – veterinary dental and oral – de-claw – ear crop – tail dock – eyelid surgery – eyelid epilation – treating dermal lesions – biopsy – controls bleeding in hemolytic compromise
  • Isolated output for safe concurrent use with physio-monitoring equipment
  • 120 watts of cutting power for the most demanding procedures
  • low crest factor assures healing time on par with scalpel
  • 3 Year Warranty


Monopolar. This is the most commonly used set up, but has some significant limitations. See the Owner’s Manual.  Requires the dispersive pad to function


Bipolar. This is the method of choice for vessel ligation or coagulation, and is effective in wet or bloody fields on all soft tissue. Effective for laparoscopic female sterilization.  Does not rely on the dispersive pad for operation.


Two-Point. This excision method is appropriate for treating pedicularly attached organs or structures, and in thoracic and abdominal surgery to insure against lung or bowel injury. Ideal for male neutering, and very effective in amputation, de-clawing.  Does not rely on the dispersive pad for operation.